Reusable Straw + brush set | RAINBOW GRAPE | FREE Shipping



A set sleek stainless steel straws with a cleaning brush tucked into a handy zippered pouch makes perfect sense with you are out and about. With 2 straight and 2 bent straws of different lengths there is no drink or beverage you can't handle. This rustic purple is upcycled from a handwoven curtain and is lined with food grade PUL fabric, the same fabric we used to line our reusable snack bags. This means that stains from the drinks can be easily wiped or washed off and you are ready for the next day's adventure.

The tall straws are 26.5cm and the shorter ones 21.5cm. These are All, including the cleaning brush, are conveniently diswasher safe. The pouch set not too large so, there'll always be space for it in you purse or ruckksack.

Never use plastic straws again. These reusable metals straws are a wonderful replacement to the one-time use plastic ones. In making the conscious choice to switch to stainless steel straws, you are helping to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans. This may seem like a small thing but every effort counts.

Makes a great green gift for yourself or for an eco-conscious friend.

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