A new design Vertical Laptop Bag

At last Saturday's market, a lady asked me if I'd made the European-type laptop bag which she went on to explain was vertical & deep rather than the horizontal and wide bags that I had in stock. She, rightly, pointed out that because of its orientation, it was less likely to bump into people as you walk through a crowd. It had never occured to me. So I just had to make one to test drive the design.

I just made the Cicely Vertical Laptop bag today using a lovely heavy brown pinstripe. Which kinda accentuate her elegant verticality. I thought that the depth of the bag would annoy me becuse I wouldn't be able to find all the bits and pieces I put in my bag, but because of the 4 easiy-accessible pockets located near the mouth of the bag, locating my mobile, keys & money were a breeze.

I'd really appreciate comments about the new design. It'll help me decide if I want to more bags in this shape.

If you'd like to see more pictures, I've listed Cicely in the store. http://rumahkampung.indiemade.com/product/laptop-folder-vertical-messenger-bag-recycled-jacket-cicely

Here's a comparison between the Vertical & the Horizontal